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We’ll Help You Find New Homes for Sale

Cervone Deegan can help find a house that warms your heart and meets your financial needs, in a neighborhood that says “home”.
In 30 years of matching people with their dream homes, we’ve seen 85% of our business come from repeats or referrals: clients who were so happy with their first CD experience that they came back again—and sent their friends!


Finding a Home

From the first listings search, through offer, inspection, and financing, to the closing table and the keys in your hand, CD will be at your side. We’ll bring unparalleled market knowledge, negotiating skills, experience, and a resource network to guide and support you.


From Offer to Closing

Armed with a wish list of the features and location of your new home, Cervone Deegan will lead and assist you in assembling the team to find, negotiate and purchase it We’ll align you with a good lender to make clear what you can afford, an insightful home inspector and attorney to protect your interests, and a knowledgeable buyer’s agent to see you through the entire process.

Once you have chosen a house, your agent will negotiate your purchase from the initial Offer-to-Purchase through to the closing. CD will guide you through all the steps of buying a home: home inspection that attests to the soundness of the property, attorney’s crafting of the Purchase & Sale agreement, your application for a mortgage commitment and the appraisal. Then, mortgage in hand and final walk-through complete, you joyfully head off to the closing—for which your attorney has assembled title and pertinent documents—and emerge a proud new home-owner, having found your…new way home!

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Planning Your Move

A successful move requires big-picture planning and near-at-hand focus. Steady nerves, good communication, and respect for the calendar are also key. From packing and cleaning to matters of insurance, utilities, family records, and forwarding, CD offers the tips and resources to help you move on time and within budget.


Buy | Sell Concurrently

If I’m looking for a home, and have one to sell, will I end up with two—or none?

Requiring a sense of calm and exquisite timing, the Buy | Sell transaction can seem daunting even to those familiar with the real estate market.

CD has guided hundreds of complex, concurrent transactions through a smooth and seamless process to successful closure. With coordination and communication second to none, we skillfully maintain the strong, delicately balanced mastery needed over listings, offers, negotiations, financing, and scheduling.

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Our unparalleled market knowledge, exceptional negotiating skills, and passion for the community positions us as one of the top real estate firms in Boston, MA.

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