Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value When Selling

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There are many low cost ways for sellers to boost their home’s value

Cervone, Deegan + Associates knows that regardless of anyone’s goals when it comes time to sell their home the one thing most wish to do is to get top dollar. Even though the current real estate market is yielding some great sale prices, it can still be tough to predict how fast and for how much your home will sell for. However, one thing you do have control over is making some improvements so that you can help with increasing your home’s value. Here are five great tips to follow.

Home Staging

Both studies and experienced agents will tell you that staging your home will not only help with how quickly your home can sell but also for how much money. The great news is that this can cost little to no money out of pocket to do yourself. Focus on your primary rooms like the living room, kitchen, master bedroom and dining rooms. Make sure the rooms are set up for flow and to showcase space. This may not necessarily be how you like them for your lifestyle. Retain only the very basics on kitchen counters to show off space and do little things like set the dining table for things to look inviting.


Adding more space is always something that is beneficial as more square footage means a higher price point usually. However, doing a renovation or addition can be expensive so only consider it if it will really pay off. Examples of smaller jobs that can be possible include taking down a wall to open up a kitchen. Otherwise, spend time decluttering and organizing as even though they won’t add square footage they will certainly make the home appear more accommodating in space. Clean out your closets, storage areas and lean out belongings in each room. Rent a storage unit if necessary just while you market the home.

Energy Efficiency

While it may not sound as exciting, many buyers will be thrilled at the prospect of a home that is efficient and less expensive to operate. The best way to address this is if you need to do improvements to the home for selling it. For example if you need to do some landscaping, bear in mind a design that is self sustaining. Maybe you decide that replacing the HVAC system with a new, energy efficient one may help with the sale if yours has reached its life expectancy.

Update Systems/Appliances

Just like energy efficiency, take a look at your appliances and systems. If you have a very old water heater, dishwasher or the like it may make sense to replace it with an energy efficient one as anything that is very old will certainly be pointed out in a home inspection. Items that you replace should be featured in your marketing and have paperwork available so that buyers can rest assured that they won’t have to worry about costly replacement or repairs.


Finally, anything that makes a home more secure and convenient will be attractive to all. These perks can also be relatively cheap too which is great news. Items like smart thermostats, smart fire detectors, locks and security systems all make for ease and convenience in everyone’s lives.
With any of these improvements you may want to reach out to your real estate agent to discuss which are best for your particular home. We are happy to help with any questions that you may have!

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