Tips For Renovating a Small Yard

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Cervone Deegan + Associates knows that a smaller backyard can in some ways be just as nice as a larger one when it is done right. Using creative design and some clever outfitting you can add more to it than you may think. In some ways the process of renovating a smaller yard is not unlike a larger one, you just have to prioritize the elements that you want given less space. Here are some helpful tips if you are ready to do your outdoor space over.

Assess the Space

Walk around your yard and start sketching your space and be sure to include your existing features like a patio and such. Next, consider what works well and what you want to keep. Then see if you have any trouble areas. Perhaps you have an HVAC compressor that you want to hide or maybe you want to add some privacy from the neighbors. Finally, how does your yard stand with the weather? Do you need to add some shading elements or might you need to trim the foliage to allow for more sun?

Decide What You Want to Have In It

Make a list of the things you ideally want in your space and ask yourself some questions like - who will use it regularly? Do you want areas for dining or lounging? Do you want a water feature like a fountain or hot tub? Once you have created the list of everything you want, now it is time to prioritize. You might not have room for all so rank everything in order of preference. 

Gather Design Ideas

This is the fun part where you start to collect photos and inspiration of what you like and wish to have. Start searching for design ideas either online or in magazines and compile some images of landscapes that you are drawn to. Once you have a good collection of images then you will be ready to provide a designer with a clear direction of what to execute. 

Hire a Professional

Once you have your design inspiration and a budget created, now is the time to hire a professional designer to assist you. You have a couple of options when working with a designer. You can either hire them to assist you in a consultation way, or you can hire them to do a complete design with overseeing the entire installation.

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