Tips For Preparing Your Home For Sale This Fall

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Cervone Deegan + Associates knows that the housing market these days is different even from just 6 months ago. If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, it may make you wonder what you need to do differently today for a successful transaction. Make sure you take the time to prepare your home before you put it on the market. Here are some insightful tips so that you can maximize your return on investment. 

Correct Pricing

The first thing all buyers will see regarding your home is the price. It is how buyers conduct their searches and when they find yours in their range it will begin to set the tone. If you price it too high, it could mean you set expectations too high for buyers which may encourage them to submit a lower offer. If you price it too low then they may question if there is something wrong with the property. Your goal these days is to make sure your pricing is accurate and appropriate for today’s market conditions. Buyer demand is still strong but moderating as inventory levels are increasing all due to a trend of rising interest rates. This means pricing your home correctly is very important. We can assist you with a current market analysis for today’s trends.


Cleanliness always matters but maybe even more now. With more competition for properties coming on the market, you want to make sure yours really stands out. With the slowing of home values, buyers are also more keen on buying a home that is more turnkey rather than buying one that has a list of needed improvements or imperfections. Make sure to keep the home very clean throughout the process as you never know when you will have a showing that gets scheduled. 

Make it Inviting

Finally, you want to make it as easy as possible for buyers to envision how they can make your home theirs. The first step is to strip it of all personal items for a neutral slate. Then it is a good idea to stage the home by removing excess items and arranging the furniture to make all rooms feel the largest. We can be a great resource when it comes time to prepare your home offering another set of eyes and advice on what should go and what should stay. Proper staging can oftentimes help with getting a higher price and faster sales.

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