Tips For Elevating The Style In Your Outdoor Space

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Your outdoor spaces can be as nicely outfitted as your indoor spaces

Cervone, Deegan + Associates knows that homeowners have been focusing on making the most out of their yards even more these days with adding furniture, play stations or lounging areas. In the beginning one may be thinking of what they want and what they can fit, but once you have decided on these things then it is time to add an element of style and improved aesthetics. Here are some helpful tips.

Focus On The Details

When you establish an area for seating you will want to have some consistency. Lay it out with matching seats, tables, toss pillows and some side tables. This will create a focal point in your yard by default that will be very welcoming. You can also add some finishing touches like stylish and colorful vases, plant containers or trays. These can be purchased at a lower cost and help add warmth to your look.

The Right Lighting

Lighting is always important whether it is indoors or outdoors. A good mix of both practical and fun or mood lighting is always a winning combo. Be sure that you have the important and necessary lighting for safety then add some spotlights on plants or features, string lights for dining areas and even lanterns by your seating areas.

Create Rooms

Create easily defined areas within the backyard for your desired activities like cooking, dining, or just relaxing. The separation of all of these areas will create organization and a natural flow. These different “rooms” within the backyard will help make it feel like as much of a real sanctuary as your actual house.

Include Plant Furniture

Pots and your containers for plants can actually have multiple uses in your yard. For one, they will add some life (literally) and interest to your outdoor decor with the different plants you select as well as the colors and styles of containers that you get. Pots are great as you can use them as accent pieces within your different rooms or zones while containers can be used to section off your different zones making for a natural divider.

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