The Benefits of a Landscape Screen

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There are many benefits of adding a screen to your yard

As your home experts, Cervone, Deegan + Associates knows that adding a landscape screen to your yard can provide both function and design. Provide your home with an exciting look with different styles and placement without needing to do other more expensive additions. There are a variety of kinds of landscape screens that range from being practical to decorative or even a combination of the two. Here is a look at more details and the benefits of landscape screens.

Privacy Enhancement

One of the top reasons to add a landscape screen is to add privacy to your yard. For anyone whose home is either on a busier street or closer to neighbors a screen can be a great solution. Maybe you have a pool or hot tub where you wish to make it less visible by those who pass by.

Change a view

This is not unlike privacy only the other way around. For those who may have a less than desirable view from their yard a landscape screen can be a great fix. Once you find a nice design and install your screen, make it come to life by providing some greenery. You can line the screen with some potted plants that will grow up in front of it with your screen as the perfect backdrop for a great combo.

Protection from the elements

It is not always a person you may want to shield yourself from, it could be Mother Nature sometimes. While you may want to create your outdoor oasis, you might want to have a location that offers reprieve from the sun. The right landscape screen can help lessen the hot beaming sun with just enough shade to make the perfect outdoor atmosphere.

Define a space

Finally, it may not be privacy or blocking the elements that you are looking for. It could be that you wish to partition off areas of your yard as you create more defined stations. You may find that you want to section off an outdoor kitchen from your pool area and a landscape screen can help you accomplish that. Think of the design less like a fence and more like an outdoor wall and let your design and creative mind go free!

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