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How To Stage A House To Sell

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Rearrange your home by staging it for a quicker sale

Cervone, Deegan knows that home staging is an excellent way to show off your home in its best light. This craft is something that can be done either by enlisting a professional or taken care of by yourself perhaps even with a little direction from your real estate agent team, like us! There are many tactics that you can do from low cost improvements to rearranging the furniture and items that you already own. Here is a closer look at some tips.

The Home Staging Basics

Make sure to take care of the basics for the whole house as you start.
Clean – A deep cleaning of every room from the baseboards up to the ceiling fans is a must. Make sure everything is both looking and smelling good.
Declutter – All rooms and every closet and storage area should be free of excess with all belongings put away in an organized fashion.
Pets – Everyone loves their own pets, but not necessarily everyone else’s. Be sure pets are removed for showings and that there are no lingering smells or clutter left behind.
Flooring – If your rugs are showing some wear then clean what you can, replace what you can’t. You can even swap a worn living area rug with one that is more fresh from under a dining table.

Room Staging

Go room by room and apply some of these concepts.
Lighting – Each room should be as full as much natural light as possible with keeping blinds wide open for showings. For any rooms that are darker during the days or evenings, make sure you put lamps in these areas so that they feel more warm and inviting.
Flow – Natural flow of walkways should be free and clear of intrusive furniture so that one can move easily from room to room. Also create conversational areas in your primary lounging rooms like living and family rooms.
Cater to all – Keep the decor of all rooms as neutral as possible so you appeal to a wide audience. If doing any painting, keep walls neutral colors.
Color – Keep the basics of each room neutral but add punches of color for life and interest. Walls and area rugs should be neutral to appeal to masses, but throw pillows and artwork on the walls can be where you add your colors.
Update cabinet hardware – A great strategy for the kitchen cabinets is to replace your hardware. This can upgrade your look at a fraction of the cost of installing new cabinets.
Bathroom updates – This can also be very easy. Replace any worn caulking to ensure things look clean and purchase a fresh shower curtain liner to make a good impression. Consider a small bowl of some scented soaps and fresh, colorful hand towels too.
Stage outdoor spaces – Last but not least, address your outdoor areas. Well manicured lawns, power washed driveways and walkways and fresh paint to any entry doors or shutters should all be considered. Make sure your lounge areas have chairs and tables for showing off outdoor enjoyment potential. Finish things off with seasonal flowers, outdoor rugs and a fresh doormat out front!

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