Common Mistakes First-Time Buyers Make After Moving In

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Avoid these popular mistakes when you buy your first home

Cervone Deegan + Associates knows that first-time homebuyers can be even more excited as they finally have accomplished a life goal of purchasing a home of their own. There have probably been many years of built up dreams for all of the things they want to do to a home when they settle in and make it their own. However, there is a common pattern of mistakes that they can make as they execute some changes to the home. Here are some common mistakes that are done so you can avoid them.

Choosing the wrong decor

One common mistake is choosing the wrong decor that is not consistent with the style of your home. For example, if your home is Victorian by its design, you should avoid going with mid century modern decor where it will clash.

Not testing paint colors before

This is very important to do exactly where you will be painting. For example, color swatches may look perfect when looking at them inside the store or in your home, but if they are going to be for the exterior of your home then look at them outside in the natural light. Do test spots on the house with smaller sample jars first to confirm the right choice.

Mismatching furniture

It can be tempting to purchase a chair that is nice looking and falls within your budget, but think about all of the items you have and figure how it will go with your existing theme. Some items can be accent pieces or pushed as far as style, but make sure they complement each other well so they don’t look completely out of place.

Throwing out too much

It is easy to get really excited and want to start fresh when you move into your new home. Some think about tossing all of their old furniture and getting new pieces once moving in. However, not only can this get pricey but you may find you could use select pieces like a bookshelf for example to fill in some space. Begin with what you have and then make edits as you go.

Pretty versus practical

Always prioritize necessities first before your simple wants. Make sure your home’s major systems are in good working order and take care of any necessary servicing before spending money on a nicer looking bathroom vanity or the like. You will need to have cash on hand for the important stuff first.

Impulse buying versus planned

Some buyers will simply make a purchase of a furniture item just because they like it at the current moment. Other things need to be taken into consideration though like measurements to see that it will fit in the room, get up the stairs, etc. for example. Make a smart plan before you set out and go shopping for best results.

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