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8 Home Improvement Ideas For Your Exterior That Add Value

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Try these ideas for adding value to your home

Being experts in the real estate industry, Cervone Deegan + Associates sees first hand some of the home improvements that can really make a difference in a home. Whether you are doing them for your own enjoyment or preparing for a sale these ideas are sure to add value of some sort.

Yard Clean Up

If you are maintaining your own yard things can get busy and slip. Make sure you do a clean up to cover the basics including mowing, fertilizer, weed as well as pick up miscellaneous yard debris.

Trim Shrubs

Overgrown or unkempt bushes and shrubs can suggest the rest of the home has been neglected as well. Keep things looking clean and trim these up yourself as needed or hire a professional for any larger jobs.

Add Fresh Mulch

Simply put, mulch is amazing. It is one item that has a very low cost and can really make your landscaping look fresh. The added value is it retains moisture for plants while also keeping weeds to a minimum.

Add Plants

Add some core low-maintenance perennial plants. These will keep your beds looking full of life every year with minimal upkeep. Hostas can be great for shaded areas while sage is great for your sunny spots.

Hardscape Your Entryway

A plain entrance can be a great opportunity for improvement. Making a larger stoop with nicer materials such as natural stone or concrete pavers can add interest while giving you more room for seating or decor.

Paint Front Door

Fresh paint is always a good idea. Choose a color that goes with your scheme but perhaps adds a punch of color and interest. Fresh paint makes a home look clean and cared for while a bolder color will add an element of excitement.

Build Deck or Patio

Outdoor space is always great to have as it is an extension of your living space during the weather permitting times of year. Having some sort of option like a back deck or even a smaller patio out front if the back is not an option can add some great value. Having some space to dine or sit to enjoy morning coffee al fresco is perfect.

Install Shade Element

For those that are fortunate to have outdoor space you may want to have one area to escape the elements. A shady spot to be outside but not in direct sunlight can provide a perfect and comfortable sanctuary. Options can range from the low end canopy or canvas to a more sturdy pavilion on the higher end.

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