7 Popular Kitchen Remodeling Trends

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Cervone Deegan + Associates knows that these days homeowners are paying a lot of money on kitchen renovations but they are increasingly selecting sustainable options that save over time. Popular choices for cabinet styles, lighting, and features are always changing. See what the trends are nowadays per recent studies by Houzz below.


Many homeowners are choosing sustainable options such as LED light bulbs, energy-efficient appliances, and water-efficient fixtures. While these can sometimes demand a little more money upfront, they are cost-effective long term which is also ultimately more environmentally friendly.

Cabinet Styles

For several years now we have seen shaker cabinets being among the top picks for remodels. However, there has recently been a slight increase in flat panel styles instead. Custom cabinets have still been going strong, being among the favorites. The majority of homeowners select some kind of handle for the doors with bar pulls still being among the top choice.

Wooden Cabinets

While white cabinets aren’t going out of style anytime soon, wood tones are a close runner-up and are gaining popularity year after year. Picking a different color island cabinet from the surrounding is also among the more trendy choices.

Professional Hiring

Demand for cabinet makers is increasing with the majority of homeowners doing their remodel projects with a trade professional. Most will hire a general contractor for the job with those hiring a decorator or architect being up this year from recent years.

Recessed Lighting Over Under Cabinet

Under cabinet lighting continues to be very popular for task lighting solutions, but recessed lighting has gained even more in popularity bringing it to the number one choice for kitchen lighting. 

High Tech Features

More than half of homeowners chose a better faucet such as water-efficient, touch-only or touch-free, and no-fingerprint coating. Top tech features for appliances include Wi-Fi-capable ones and those controllable by smartphones. 

Budgets Increasing

With costs going up all around it is no surprise that the spending on kitchen remodeling projects is up across the board. From smaller remodeling jobs to major gut renovations, the median spend for nearly all was up year over year. 

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