5 Tips For Choosing a Home That Will Save Energy

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Cervone Deegan + Associates knows that nowadays with inflation and higher costs from the gas pump to the grocery store, everyone is looking for ways to save some money. For anyone looking to buy a new home, energy savings is more than likely something that homebuyers will have a concern for. So with that being said there are some things to keep in mind for when you begin searching for your new home. 


Your commute to work is not probably the first thing that you are thinking about when looking for your next home, but it should be near the top of your list. Nobody wants to spend a big part of their life behind the wheel getting to and from work, but with fuel costs fluctuating it can be a remarkable expense. Be sure your new residence is not too far from your place of employment as well as the places you like to frequent.

Check Local Fuel Sources

Many people will try to find out what the fuel type or types are that supply the home which is a smart idea. It is also good to ask any nearby neighbors to make sure that the home has similar fuel types to what the local homes have. Having both a system and fuel that is common is good so servicing should be easier.


Insulation is also a very important item to research in the home of consideration. Especially here in our area, having an insulated attic is sure to help control your heating and cooling costs all year round. 


In general, most newer appliances will be pretty energy efficient, but if you are buying an older home that is not renovated then check to see how they are. Check all appliances including the ones in the kitchen, washer and dryer as well as the HVAC system. Depending on the age of some of the systems it might make sense to replace them with more efficient ones than repairing older ones.

Multiple Energy Sources

Some homes may even have the benefit of having multiple energy sources. For example, if your home is primarily run on electricity, perhaps there are solar panels for backup or select appliances. Having more than one source can also mean better reliability for serving your home consistently. 

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