5 Things To Do When Selling Your Home

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Cervone Deegan + Associates knows when you have decided to list your home for sale there can be great excitement as you plan your next stage in life. Before you get caught up in planning out your new home, make sure you take the important steps when selling your home. You will want to make sure you have a clean and profitable sale so here are some helpful pointers.

Hire a Professional Real Estate Agent

Don’t cut corners when trying to sell your most valuable possession. Hire a professional real estate team like Cervone Deegan + Associates who know the market and process best. Unexpected challenges can arise and only a seasoned professional can guide you through where you don’t lose money and have a successful sale.


Both inside and outside, be sure you declutter before you sell. From kitchen counters and closets to garages and patios, make sure you get rid of as many unnecessary items so your home looks welcoming and inviting. The more neutral you can have it appear, the easier time a prospective buyer has envisioning the home as their own. 

Research Title

You may assume your home’s title is clear but it is wise to make sure there are no issues associated with it, real or fraudulent, before selling. Your real estate attorney can assist you with this so that you are ready to go when you find the right buyer and won’t have any surprises.

Stow Valuables

When you put away any personal items like family photos, awards, and the like, go one step further and secure any of your valuables at that time as well. Jewelry, artwork, or medications should be put away under lock and key so you don’t run the risk of theft during any open houses.


Finally, give your home a thorough scrub from top to bottom. Be sure things are looking and smelling fresh and clean, not just for the first showing but all throughout the marketing and selling process. All prospective buyers should visit the home where it is in its best condition.

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