4 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

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Cervone Deegan + Associates knows that most people are interested in adding value to their homes in some relatively easy ways. Perhaps you are looking to simply give your home a refresh or maybe you are looking to make a move in the near future and want to prepare. Whatever your reason there are several ways that you can consider that will help you achieve this goal. Here is a list of some proven actions.

Fresh Paint

One of the best and potentially easiest ways to add value to your home is with paint. The great thing about painting is that it doesn’t usually require a large budget or amount of time to complete. Many homeowners will tackle painting projects themselves as well as it is not something that is super challenging. Ultimately you will want to pick colors that make bold statements and will complement your home’s design as well. When done well, paint can really transform your home’s look!

Energy Efficient Appliances

New appliances are always a big selling point for homeowners. Especially when you are upgrading to current, energy-efficient models. Take this idea one step further and consider other energy-saving enhancements. For example, replacing some of your older draft doors or windows can also be a great improvement. Proving that you have an energy-efficient home with lower energy bills is a big draw.

Kitchen Refresh

The kitchen is always considered one of the most important rooms of a home that brings significant value so pay special attention to it. If yours is looking tired or outdated then you may want to consider some updating. If you don’t have the means for a total renovation, then do some important edits. Sometimes replacing appliances and countertops can go a long way. If your cabinets are older but in good shape, sometimes a coat of paint on them can help with the transformation.


It is easy to get caught up on the interior projects and forget the exterior but it is the first and last thing all visitors will see. Do an audit of the exterior both in front and out back. Do your trees or plants need trimming? Do beds need mulching? Always consider a nice lounging or dining area that is well-lit and inviting. Your outdoor space is an extension of your living space during the weather-friendly months. 

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