10 Home Designs to Rise in 2023

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As your real estate resource, Cervone Deegan + Associates can tell you that home design is ever-changing. With more people working from home and spending more time there nowadays, home is somewhere we value even more so. Home design trends as a result are aiming to work in more creativity with color, texture, patterns, and optimism. Here are 10 of the home design trends that everyone is talking about for the coming year.

Kitchen Trends


Natural Materials

Natural materials have always been popular but lately, they have become even more so. In kitchens, we are seeing quartzite and other natural counters complemented by marble tile and wood cabinets on the rise. 

Wood Cabinets

Wooden cabinetry is a popular choice these days with white oak being among one of the top picks with walnut also being popular. 

Creative Island Seating

Casual seating is always a big draw for a kitchen island. For larger kitchens, this can be another place to dine and for smaller kitchens, this can be a great answer for a combined table and prep area. Popular design trends include things like an extension of the island for dining either with a different counter or even a lowered height for differentiation. 

Commercial Faucets

A popular style is to go with a commercial-type faucet that can better handle your cooking tasks. A lot of brands are offering lines that are a mix of industrial and modern designs.



Thresholdless Shower

Perhaps one of the sleekest designs is to have your bathroom tile floor run right into the shower without any curb separating them. This extends your non-slip surface and can make a smaller bath look bigger.

Blue and White

Just like blue accents in current kitchen design trends, this has also been a popular choice in bathroom design. The idea is it can add some life to all white palettes without appearing too bold or drastic. 


In the pursuit of creating a spa-like bath, homeowners are looking to create a relaxing experience. To achieve this features like multiple shower heads or handhelds that offer various spray settings or massage can do the trick. Handhelds can also make shower cleaning and pet cleaning much easier!

Living Areas


Layers of Textures

A popular trend in design is to feature layered texture. That can be done with decor, wallpaper, materials, and accessories. Popular styles are working with wood, stone, metal, concrete, and fabrics to offer visual and tactile interest.

Outdoor Connection

Most people want to have a connection with the outdoors. A popular thing these days is to have sliding glass doors to the outside or large windows that maximize views. For other, more attainable ideas that everyone can accomplish, the use of wallpaper prints that recall nature along with natural materials and colors can be a great solution. 


Built-in cabinets that are custom designed provide homeowners with storage as a finished look. This is why they’re frequently one of the top design features professionals recommend in a living room.

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